Whats In Your Bra? 

Sometimes it’s immediately obvious that your bra doesn’t fit correctly. But sometimes there are less obvious signs that the bra you have on is doing little to optimize your shape. Even if a bra may “feel right,” it may not be giving you proper support or enhancing your assets. Or, it’s the wrong style bra for you altogether. If you answer yes to ANY of the following questions then our service is for you.

  • Does the band ride up your back?
  • Do the cups pucker or gap?
  • Do your straps slip and slide?
  • Do your straps dig into your shoulders?
  • Does the wire poke and prod?
  • Does your breast tissue spill over or bulge under the cup?
  • *No nudity is required.


Can I just tell you how Karima Renee really changed my life yesterday! A bra should NEVER be an afterthought; its foundational to all flyness. ~ Olivia





Bra Fittings 

Step 1, We start by filling in a short questionnaire to help us determine what’s going on inside your bra.  Step 2, Then we will assess your current bra. I always suggest new clients wear they’re best fitting bra to their fittings.  From there we will discuss your breast shape and I’ll show you which bra style will make your girls look their best. Step 3, We will take your body measurements. We use our custom 9 point measuring system for accuracy and detail. Step 4, we use your answers from your survey to bring select size samples for you to try based on your style and our measurement system. Our 5th and final step is checkout. Once you’ve tried on our samples in your new size or the one closest to your new size you have the option to purchase any item you tried on or is in our inventory.  We will also give you advice and tips on what will work for your lifestyle, wardrobe and budget. Each client will receive a formal email or hard mail follow up with tips and suggested brands or future purchasing. 

  • Our Current Inventory consist of  Curvy Couture, Eilia, Peach, Chantelle and Natori. 
  • We carry  Cup Sizes  A – M and Band Sizes 30 – 56 
  • N Cups are available for Custom Orders Only 

Bra Fit Party

At your fit party you can definitely expect to have fun. As a professional bra fitter is it my mission to not only get you in the best bra but to educate you on proper bra fit. During your party we will start with a bra fit demo. After the demo each woman will spend 10 minutes with me for a custom and private fitting. That time often does not include guest checkout process for fitting and purchases.  We will end the party by presenting you with your hostess gift. Trust me not only will you and your guest be delighted but inspired.

 Bra fit parties  are ideal for brides, girls night in and women based organizations. If you wish to host more than 6 women there is a $75 fee for an additional fitter to be on site at event. That fee is in addition to your guest individual fitting service fee. Our maximum is 10 women. Fittings are custom and we like to give each woman the same time, attention and care. Parties are a max of 4 hours. 

Please contact us to schedule your fit party consultation 215-290-7066.

Bridal Bra Fit Services

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. We know how important your dress is but, what about underneath. We book bra fit parties for brides, their MOB and bridesmaids. Fittings are custom and we like to give each woman the same time, attention and care but with a special twist of fun in honor of your big day.  Fitting Parties are a maximum of 6 including bridesmaids.  More than 6 guess requires a second fitter and flat rate of $75 in addition to guest individual fitting fees and purchase of bras and or shape wear.