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The Philly Bra Lady On Philly’s Power 99FM

Last week I was invited to a local radio station in Philly Power 99FM. I was invited to talk about the business of beauty, bras and boobies on their podcast “Beauty & The Beast.” Hosted and created by Cappucino (@Capponair) because as she puts it beauty is a beast. 

Watch now and take notes on how you too can conquer the beast and get one step closer to comfort and confidence in your bra! Because it doesn’t have to hurt! 

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Best Sports Bras 2016


Yesterday was day 1 of my new online fitness challenge, and trust me I wish it was day 21 already. Don’t get me wrong I love working out! I do… I actually look forward to it. Its just that I’m tired of being on the weight lost roller coaster. Holla’ if you hear me!

But one thing I’ll always love about working out is shopping for fly workout gear. That includes bras! Hello I am the Philly Bra Lady! I love all things bras, even sports bras! And when it comes to keeping your boobie bounce to a minimum I’m your girl. Here’s why your sports bra is actually THE most important bra in your undie drawer!

A huge number of women are experiencing some breast injury from tissue moving up and down or in and out during exercise,” says Susan Nethero, founder of the bra emporium Intimacy.

  • Did you know that not wearing the proper fitting bra while working out can lead to breast injury?
  • Back pain and muscle inflammation
  • It can also lead to stretch marks and sagging


Strapless Bras: Holiday Edition

As the holiday’s approach many of us gals are gearing up for everything from cocktail parties, festive office gatherings, grand galas and even evening weddings. And as you peruse the mall and sites like you will quickly (or slowly) find the perfect dress or jumpsuit to wear to one of these great events. Sadly for many of my gals out there the right bra and or spanx are never a priority to shop for (we have to do better ladies). Well search no further the Philly Bra Lady is here to help. Here are my 3 top strapless bras  for sizes B-G and beyond!  

Holiday Essentials: Strapless Bras
  • No straps equals less support. Ideally you want to find a long line strapless bra. The larger band can makes up for not having straps.
  • If you wear a 38 DD or above the best support is long line (corset like) strapless bra, sorry ladies
  • Many run a cup size larger so unless you are very familiar with the brand you need to be prepared to try them on! If you are buying online, please purchase 2-3 sizes going up in the band and cup. (i.e. I wear a 34H Cup so I would order, 34H, 36G & 34G)

7 Things Every Woman Should Know About Their Bras


Today I’m a professional bra fitter. I travel all around the Philadelphia tri state fitting and educating women on the importance of wearing the right size bra. But 15 years ago I was wearing 2 bras everyday. All due to the fact that I wasn’t knowledgable about bras or my own breast.I know I’m not alone in that. Studies have shown that 85% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra. And so now I’m on a mission to help women feel comfortable and confident in their bras.

Here are my quick tips on how to Wear, Care & Wash Your Bra

  1. When wearing a bra your breast should never touch! I call this separate but equal. And yes this applies to a push up bra.
  2. Never wear your bra 2 days in a row. If you wear it on Monday, you can’t wear it again until at least Thursday.This helps to ensure that bra reshapes and stays taunt.
  3. Don’t pull the glider adjuster on the straps over your shoulder this causes too much stress on your shoulder and could lead too bruising over time.


Why Bras Cost What They Do

It’s a great investment! Think about it, your bra is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. It’s important. And just like your day, your outfit begins with a good bra, not great shoes. Start with a good bra fitting and then invest in whatever brand you can afford. You owe it to your self, your breast and your outfit! For more videos on all things bras, Check on my oldie but good, Skinny Minority’s 5 Ws Of Wearing A Bra! 


Picture C/O Of Glamour Magazine
Picture C/O Of Glamour Magazine

Early last week an article that was posted on CNN was brought to my attention. The title of the article, Plus size Models Sell More Bras. So naturally I had to read it and come back to you with my thoughts and feelings. 

First, I’d like to go on record saying that I LOVE lingerie and quite frankly, I wish more women shared this passion. However, being a professional stylist and consultant I’ve noticed that many women have a distorted view of what their bodies actually look like.  And that can make things like shopping for lingerie either extremely hard or non existent. But what’s more is that I’ve learned, in general, women know very little about lingerie, foundation garments, bra’s and even their breast.

So as I read this article and watched the accompanying video I realized that beyond who sells more bras, whats more important is the why.